Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mangalore - my granny and uncle's home

It has been really long since I did a post on this blog. I have been itching to post but I was short of matter with no time for travel holidays. Finally, this month we decided to make our much awaited trip to Mangalore.

Mangalore always brings back fond memories. I was born there and spent a year of my childhood in a sprawling mansion with my grandparents and uncles to dote over me. This trip was nostalgic simply because this time around I went there with my baby.

Mangalore to me now means, a doting grandma, a loving uncle, mangoes, jackfruit, freshly plucked coconut waters, yummy food cooked in granny's kitchen, whiff of freshly baked bread and cookies, vegetable garden, frontyard, lots of space and fresh air.

It has been pouring there since almost a month now. The place looks lush. One of the things I wished to do but could not was - relax :( But instead I made the most of my time with my near and dear ones. When I think relaxation, I see myself laid back on the easy chair in the sitting room looking out into the freshly watered gardens.

Mangalore is also known for its tiles (terracota), typical Konkani cuisine, bakeries, cathedrals, churches, temples, beaches and a fairly laid back life. A deep breath and the picture of the easy chair with my grandpa seated on it relaxes me instantly.

The drivewayThe annona plantJackfruits The sitting roomThis one is my great grandpa's possession.Graffiti by yours truly - @3 yrs
The town hall

Monday, April 14, 2008

To be continued...

This blog has gone off air since August 2007. The blog writer has had her hands full (taking care of the little one). Will hopefully renew it May 2008 onwards. Until then readers, feel free to browse through the older posts and insert comments (to which you will definitely receive responses); however don't expect any new posts for awhile.

Bon Voyage.......
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